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Playing around with makeup for the past two hours for zombie flapper costume.

Also had a group interview at Nintendo today. They are hiring 100 call canter reps, I hope I'm one of them. Bitch needs a job real bad. I also I have a cold so I feel shitty.
Yay I learned how to use my Blackberry as a modem! Thank goodness.

Hair of the now

My hair is definitely growing!

Lost Season Finale

I want to die.
Riri, you idiot. No wonder your lawyer was buddy buddy with Chris, he had

photos to use against you.

For Dani

Mar. 19th, 2009

This day means nothing to me since it's not Friday. I need to see how it all ends now, damn it!!


I just made myself a caramel apple. So delicious.

Mar. 9th, 2009

I did my FASFA today. It's was nice to get that out the way. Also I don't have to get my mom's info this year. However the program I'm interested at SCCC has a year long waitlist, but that's cool I'll take some other classes in the meantime.

I also noticed that Taylor Swift mentions marriage a lot in songs. It's kinda scaring me since she's only 19. No wonder Joe Jonas dumped her lol.
Wow, Bella is such a push over, it's really pitiful. I almost feel bad for her. Also what's so special about this broad?